Friends of the Farm River hosts Bird walks for beginners and advanced birders to document bird sightings and increase the public's awareness of the estuary as a valuable asset.

FFRE facilitates an annual kayaking event, which is not a guided tour, or scientific exploration, but rather a friendly gathering of enthusiastic folks, getting to know one another, out to witness the river's beauty first hand.

Miscellaneous Events and Activities
There are many important projects that are great fun-educational outings, talks, canoe trips. But much of the work, although satisfying, is time consuming and difficult. Some of this work includes plant identification and marsh monitoring to chart the changes in vegetation and wildlife; river usage monitoring; anadromous fish identification and count; buffer zone planting and erosion control; bioassessments and water quality monitoring.


Educational programs about the Farm River's ecosystem are developed through partnerships with other organizations dedicated to the conservation of the environment, particularly Long Island Sound and the rivers of Connecticut.

Farm River Flyway & the eBird project
EBird is an online database initiative that was established by the Connecticut Audubon Society by which local citizens record their sightings of birds on the internet. Residents with little birding knowledge as well as experienced birders are encouraged to participate.

The eBird project will confirm whether the Farm River Estuary contains a number of Endangered, Threatened & Special Concern Birds, as evidence suggests, and the eBird database will help scientists better understand the habitat needs and population trends of birds, uncover movement patterns, migratory pathways, breeding ranges, population trends and other important environmental issues.

FFRE facilitates the Buffer Zone Project, which involves a group of conservation and protective organizations whose goal is to identify and target areas for special protection.

Community Networks
FFRE recognizes the need for consistent collaboration, networking, and unity among local organizations, businesses and residents and has developed partnerships with land trusts and other environmental organizations that have an interest in the Farm River Estuary.

River Stewardship
Regulations that were enacted to protect local estuaries, watersheds, and ecosystems are often violated (encroachment, lack of erosion control, illegal dumping, improper use of contaminants, faulty septic systems, etc.)

FFRE's roles is not to police the river, but to influence public policy, keep people informed, distribute information about legislation affecting the estuary, encourage respect for the environment and ensure environmental laws and regulations are enforced by public officials


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